From HOD’s Desk


Prof. J. V. Ware

HOD, Department of General Engineering

  The Department of General Engineering comprises of Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Professional Communication. From its inception to the present, Department of General Engineering has evolved and grown in several directions. From last few years, there have been striking changes in terms of faculty recruitment, research output which will surely enable the future growth of the department. Engineering Mathematics plays an important role in formulating engineering problems into a mathematical model and providing solutions to them. Engineering Physics is the root of all engineering branches. It correlates nanotechnology, mechanics, electronics, computer science, civil etc. Engineering Chemistry is the basic subject to analyze the molecular structure of the compound. It creates bond length with all engineering branches. The subject of Professional Communication introduces some fundamental theoretical concepts as grammar, phonology, and differences between verbal   and non-verbal communication. It also focuses on LSRW skills, soft skills,  debate, group discussion which help for the overall development of the student. The General Engineering Department Laboratories like Physics, Chemistry, and Professional Communication are fully equipped and well furnished.