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Office Order

As per the decision taken at management level, it is decided to constitute IQAC Committee 2022-23. As per AICTE guidelines following are the members of committee.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Dr.A. M. Mane

Campus Director

Management Member






Dr. Shivani Kale

Professor,(Research Dean)



Dr.Chetan Arage

Professor, (HOD-Data-Science Engg.)




Professor, (HOD-Civil)



Dr.Shivaleela Arlimatti


(HOD-Computer Science Engg.)



Mr.Ganesh Rathod

Assistant Professor, ( Dean Accreditation)




Assistant Professor

(Dean industry institute interaction)




Assistant Professor, (Dean Academics)




Assistant Professor, (Exam Dean)



Mr .G.R.Desai

Assistant Professor,(Dean student affairs)




Assistant Professor,(Dean infrastructure)



Mrs.Vidya Abdulpur

Assistant Professor ,HOD Electrical



Mr. Suyog V. Patil

       Administrative Officer




Assistant Professor



Mr. A. S. Ekande

Nominee from local society



Mr. Prathamesh Unne








Mr. Sampat Medshinge



Goals of  IQAC

Teaching–Learning Process 

1)  To register and complete at least two relevant NPTEL/ Swayam Courses and one FDP/Industrial training (not less than 5 days) by all teaching faculty per year.

2) To review student performance in Unit Test-I & Unit Test-II for all departments within one week of completion of the tests.

Staff Development

1)To organize a minimum of two training programmes per year for new teaching Faculty.

2)To organize at least one common skill-development programme per year for the non teaching staff.

Co-Curricular Activities

1)To conduct coaching classes for national level competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC, GRE/ TOFEL, CAT, GATE etc and to ensure that at least 2 students from each department clear the exams successfully.

2)To organize one international conference every two years

Research & Development

1)To Improve quality of publications

2)To Fetch R&D grants and revenue generation through consultancy, training and testing services etc.

Industry- Institute Interaction 

  • To Sign MoU’s or enter into collaborations with industries of each program for mutually beneficial interaction and organize joint programmes.


To achieve more than 60% campus placement of eligible & job aspiring candidates.

Extracurricular Activities

1)To Periodically carryout extra-curricular activities through NSS and Students activity clubs.

2)To achieve at least 3 medals at the State and National level sports

Existing Plan

1.To get NAAC Accreditation


Unique Functions of IQAC


IQAC conducts the periodical meeting

IQAC conducts SWOC analysis of institute

Plans and suggestion to management for the quality enhancement

IQAC seeks intensive quality enhancement by external peers

Promotion of teaching learning process

Promotion and cultivation of research culture

Strengthened feedback mechanism

Student mentoring mechanism

Implementation of innovative and best practices

Maintenance of records and submission of AQAR to NAAC

Dr. D.Y. Patil Pratisthan’s College of Engineering, located in Salokhenagar, Kolhapur, has demonstrated its commitment to skill development and empowerment through the establishment of a Garment Manufacturing and Training Center (GMTC). This center focuses on providing training in garment stitching catering primarily to underprivileged and weaker section women from Self Help Groups(SHG) in the surrounding areas.The institution has equipped the center with 20 industrial-grade garment stitching machines, capable of stitching various types of garments, including sports and leisure wear. The training programs offered are free of cost, providing an opportunity for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire valuable skills and improve their employability.

Over the past three years, the initiative has been highly successful, with more than 2,000 beneficiaries benefiting from the training. The majority of the participants are women, as the program aims to promote financial stability among women in the local community. This GMTC has been established by the DYP group of Kolhapur, which is known for his philanthropic work which includes women empowerment. The training sessions focuses on imparting essential skills and knowledge related to business development. The trainees will receive guidance on various aspects, including market analysis, financial management, marketing strategies, and customer engagement.

The GMTC (Garment Manufacturing Training Center) operates within the premises of the institution, utilizing dedicated facilities such as reading rooms and halls to conduct its training programs and related activities. These programs are conducted in collaboration with banks and NGOs, who play a crucial role in providing guidance and support to the participants. The institution’s aim is to not only provide technical training but also to empower individuals to become self-reliant and create their own entrepreneurial opportunities. To achieve this, the GMTC offers comprehensive support to the trained individuals. This includes guidance on accessing loans and establishing their own units, such as tailoring businesses. By providing participants with the necessary skills and knowledge, along with the necessary resources and guidance, the institution aims to foster entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.

The success of the GMTC is evident from the recognition and support it has received from various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. These initiatives have provided grants to the institution, enabling the smooth operation of the GMTC and the continuous offering of high-quality training and support to the beneficiaries. The financial support obtained through these grants has been instrumental in covering various expenses such as training materials, equipment, and infrastructure maintenance. In addition to technical training, the GMTC also organizes guest lectures from bank officers. These sessions provide valuable insights into government loan schemes and local documentation requirements. By gaining a deeper understanding of these financial aspects, participants are better equipped to access the necessary funds and navigate the loan application process. These guest lectures further enhance the overall training experience and empower participants with practical knowledge that can be applied in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

The institution’s efforts to reach out to the community, particularly in up skilling and empowering women, reflect its dedication to creating a positive impact in society. By offering free training programs and supporting individuals in establishing their own businesses, the institution is actively contributing to women’s self-reliance and economic empowerment. The financial assistance received from trusts and banks has played a significant role in enabling the institution to sustain and expand its initiatives. Collaborations with organizations such as MSED (Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship) and BYST (Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust) have further strengthened the institution’s capacity to provide comprehensive support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

These collaborations provided valuable guidance and resources to ensure the success of the trainees.Through its ISR (Institute Social Responsibility) initiatives, the college is effectively leveraging its expertise and resources to address societal challenges and create positive change. By focusing on skill development and women’s empowerment, the institution is making a lasting impact on individuals’ lives and the community as a whole.

The impact of these training programs is evident through inspiring success stories that have emerged from the initiative. For instance, Mrs. Afrin R. Nadaf established her own successful Fashion Designer business after completing the training, showcasing her talent and skills in the fashion industry. Additionally, Anita Jogade, Archana Kamble, and Bhagyashri Awate opened their own Ladies Tailoring Shops, displaying the practical skills and entrepreneurial spirit they gained through the program. These success stories highlight how GMTC Programs have not only enhanced employability but also empowered individuals to become successful entrepreneurs and contribute positively to their communities. Around 50 businesses have been established by women who have undergone the training, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and the practical application of their acquired skills. The institution continues to support these individuals by providing further guidance and assistance, ensuring the sustainability and growth of their businesses.

In conclusion, Dr. D.Y. Patil Pratisthan’s College of Engineering, through its Garment Manufacturing and Training Center, exemplifies the transformative power of skill development and entrepreneurship. The institution’s dedication to social responsibility, coupled with the financial assistance received from trusts and banks, has enabled it to uplift individuals and foster self-reliance in the community. With its ongoing efforts, the college continues to make a significant difference by empowering women and contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.

Garment Manufacturing Work

Tailoring Machines