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Today, when we look around, the technological advances in recent years have been immense. We can see driverless cars, hands-free devices that can turn on the lights, and robots working in factories, which prove that intelligent machines are possible. In the last four years in the Indian startup ecosystem, the terms that were used (overused rather) more than funding, valuation, and exit were Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science.

Every sector of the economy now has access to more data than would have been imaginable even a decade ago. Businesses today are accumulating new data at a rate that exceeds their capacity to extract value from it. The question facing every organization that wants to attract a community is how to use data effectively, not just their own data, but all of the data that’s available and relevant. But there is a talent gap that helps in the implementation of Big Data.


Artificial Intelligence market is expected to grow exponentially, it globally recognized as a key driver of digital transformation. AI has now penetrated in entire service sector. There is rarely any field which is untouched by Artificial Intelligence hence generating lakhs of vacancies for skilled professionals by 2025.


Data Science is the future of Artificial Intelligence which has grown significantly in last few years. This Program enables students to develop smart systems with a leading-edge combination of AI & Data Science technologies like, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Statistics, Big Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Business Intelligence, Deep Learning and Reinforce learning, Robotics, Robotic Process Automation, Genetic Algorithms, Natural Language Processing.

Expected vision can be achieved by an approach involving rigorous and comprehensive academic course work covering theory, fundamentals and hands-on experience with real-world applications. The Program is strongly oriented towards industry and emphasizes industry internship, projects, and entrepreneurship. It is expected that the graduates of the proposed program will mostly join the fast growing Data Analytics industry as technical experts and few will even launch their own IT start-ups in this field. This will be based on curriculum specified by Shivaji University.

  • Data is the oil for today’s world. With the right tools, technologies, algorithms, we can use data and convert it into a distinctive business advantage
  • Data Science can help you to detect fraud using advanced machine learning algorithms
  • It helps you to prevent any significant monetary losses
  • Allows to build intelligence ability in machines
  • You can perform sentiment analysis to gauge customer brand loyalty
  • It enables you to take better and faster decisions
  • Helps you to recommend the right product to the right customer to enhance your business